Case Study #4

Paramita Electronics : Blue Sky to Deep Blue Sea


"... as we like to say in the US... 'you guys Rock!'"

John Souza - Project Manager

A Paramita Engineer carries out a feasibilty study using GPS technology

Paramita Electronics was very excited to be involved right at the beginning. When BT Scuba asked Paramita Electronics to take design leadership on an idea for an completely new and innovative Scuba product, it was simply a concept and some simple calculations. The mathematics was sound, but no one had ever seen this system work - and people had tried before!

As our client put it:

"Paramita Ltd came highly recommended to us from someone else in the software industry. Their design knowledge and ability to take an engineering project from early development to fulfillment of a working model was a crucial skill set we were searching for. We would recommend them to anyone.

John Souza, Project Manager

Our Solution Used these Technologies

  • Battery operated Product Design
  • Prototypes capable of operation in extreme conditions
  • OLED screen technologies
  • 3D GUI interface on a 16-bit host
  • Integration of sensor Data from a number of sources

In order to make a successful product, Paramita Electronics had to move fast, calling upon expertise in a number of different sensor and signal processing technologies. Paramita Electronics immediately took on a feasibility study - that showed that the idea would hold water, we then developed two rounds of prototypes. The technology demonstrator prototype in now in intensive testing with our partners.

This project shows Paramita's competence with:

    Feasibility Studies: Assessing what technologies are needed and what will be possible with today's level of advancement
    'Works-Like' Prototype: Developing a system that can be used in the field to test that the principle of operation holds water
    Quantitative Testing: Testing a system in adverse conditions, using quantitative methods to show the system is functional and determine how to improve it
    Full Design Handover: Paramita wants satisfied customers not vendor lock-in; every design file is available to the client
    Successful Innovation New product concept, developed to working proof-of-concept product

Coming Soon...

paramita ltd is currently working on a number of other interesting projects, however due to confidentiality they cannot be reported here. Check back soon as they will be written up here when they can be released, or contact us to find out more.