Case Study #2

Paramita Electronics back-compatible to 100 years!


"With paramita's pragmatic attitude and technical advantage, I was confident that we would hit our deadlines."

Chris Walters - Project Manager

When 42 Technology contacted paramita ltd about developing a novel utility monitoring device, we were confident that we would be up to the challenge - to seamlessly replace wires, with wireless - a common task in these technological times.

The task was complicated by the fact that the the legacy systems we were working with were based on the 'current loop' interface - A communications protocol used in teletype machines first patented in 1908, while the radio standard to be used would be zigbee 2008, a cutting edge wireless standard, designed specifically for battery operated intelligent devices working in modern, noisy radio bands.

The first prototype had to be demonstrated three weeks from the project start date. No problem! The entire project from concept to pre-production prototype, six months? With paramita on board, your time to market is not a problem!

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paramita ltd is currently working on a number of other interesting projects, however due to confidentiality they cannot be reported here. Check back soon as they will be written up here when they can be released, or contact us to find out more.