Case Study #1

Inner Space - Teaching Surgery on the Inside


paramita ltd is a contributor in the development of a Haptic Feedback Card for training in endoscopic surgery. Working as part of an international team in three continents, paramita ltd developed the electronics and embedded software for the Haptic Feedback Card. It is capable of controlling four motors that will allow surgeons to experience the sensation of carrying out difficult, rare or new surgical proceedures without risk to patients.

The design was developed based on the instructions by the hardware team at EPFL, from this a detailed specification, project plan, costings and system diagrams were drawn up. By working closely with the client, the electronics could be designed efficiently. The photo montage above pans through some stages of development[flash required]. Regular progress meetings with the client throughout the project, made it possible for paramita ltd to create a prototype that changed very little during the design but could be flexible to new information as it arose.

Work is now underway to integrate the final product with the impressive colonoscopy simulation, seen in the still below. The virtual reality developed at CSIRO, coupled with the hardware to simulate the haptic sensation, will give surgeons the opportunity to practice realistic colonoscopy in a safe environment.

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paramita ltd is currently working on a number of other interesting projects, however due to confidentiality they cannot be reported here. Check back soon as they will be written up here when they can be released, or contact us to find out more.